Monday, July 25, 2011

The New and the Old and unity of worship.

New Oxford Review

"The liturgy has become a polarizing force in the Church — rather than the great unifier it is meant to be. The release of Universae Ecclesiae, the Vatican’s instruction on the proper implementation of Summorum Pontificum, proves that Pope Benedict XVI is not unfamiliar with the animosity and defensiveness that plague contemporary liturgical discourse. One can glimpse its intensity in the letters section of our May issue (see the entries under the header “Liturgical Reform & the ‘Protes­tantization’ of Catholic Liturgy”). There is, it seems, increasing entrenchment on both sides of the liturgical divide that separates New Mass and Latin Mass absolutists; reconciliation is a long way off." From the Oxford Review Magazine online. 

I do not necessarily agree or disagree with the article.  I has some interesting points, for example the fact that with two Latin rites (two masses) are now recognized side by side.  Is this good?  How about the unity of worship.  Is the coexistence of two forms of the same mass dividing the Church?  I personally go to the Latin Mass, even serve in it as an acolyte.  But I can understand that having two rites with people attending each one not really relating to the other can be divisive. Check the link New Oxford Review.  What do you think?

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