Friday, October 14, 2011

"Spiritual but not religious"?

Can Christians NOT Be Religious? | "I would like to propose a challenge that in fact one cannot be a Christian and not be religious in the true sense of the word."

"Am Spiritual but not Religious"

Great post; how many times have you heard that ; "Am spiritual but not religious"?

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Protect Conscience Rights

Protect Conscience Rights: "Twenty Catholic leaders sign joint statement for reform of health care law
HHS mandate harms religious freedom, access to care"

Catholic organizations urge the protection of conscience rights before the push by the Obama administration to force catholic organizations and taxpayers to pay for abortions and contraception.


Latest Headlines : Catholic school principal may lose job over 40 Days for Life - Catholic Culture: "The board of directors of Christ the King School, a K-8 Catholic school in Winnipeg, may fire the school’s principal after he offered community-service credit to seventh and eighth graders who attended a 40 Days for Life rally. Principal David Hood was asked not to report to work on October 13."

And this Canadian school calls itself "Catholic", but they kowtow to the the government if fear of loosing their tax exemption.  Cowards!  and kudos to the principal.  

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