Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jesus is a fable, says dissident Australian priest

Catholic Culture : Latest Headlines : Jesus is a fable, says dissident Australian priest

“There is no corroborating evidence for the existence of a person called Jesus,” he told the AAP news agency. “The Gospels must not ever be taken literally. Scripture scholars tell us that.”

“I do not believe in worshipping God,” he continued. “Whatever God is . . . that God does not need to be worshipped.” Peter Kennedy, Catholic priest.  

This is not surprising, even for a supposedly Catholic priest. These are the fruits of the school of "Higher Criticism" and the so called Catholic scholarship. This priest takes the whole thing to its logical conclusion. I hope and pray that this man repents and comes back to a belief in Christ. But he is not alone, there are many like him who are supposed to be pastors of souls but no longer believe and lead others away.  Read the rest of the story in the link above. 

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