Friday, December 5, 2008

Culture War

We are in a true Culture War, the original term originated, of course, with Bismark and his Kulturkampf against the Catholic Church in the Germany of the XIX century. Today's conflict though, is an end game. The stakes are much, much higher and unfortunately the Catholic Church is loosing big time.

The American culture of today is permeated to its core not by relativism, but by a hatred of everything the Church represents. This hatred is purveyed by the anti-gospel of the media. Almost all forms of entertainment, news, art, thought of today has the same agenda: the demolition of Christianity and the total destruction and ruin of the Catholic Church.

Just look at the movies, radio, music, sitcoms, news, HBO, TV in general. The theme is so repetitive, constant and relentless that it has become obvious. These are some talking points from the media and entertainment:

Christians are fools, dishonest, hypocrites and mindless fanatics
Christ was not Messiah, not God, only a "rebel" with good intentions
Christianity was invented by Constantine to subjugate the "people"
Witchcraft, witches and occult practitioners are "good", enlightened, nurturing, nature loving, peaceful people.
Homosexuality is "good", in most movies and TV programs homosexuals are depicted in very sympathetic ways and Christians are the villains, bigots and persecutors.
Lesbians are "good"
Parents are morons
Sex is always the greater good
All religions are equal, except for Christianity which should be outlawed and shut
The Vatican is the epicenter of evil
Abortion is OK
Ravid feminism is always glorified
Science is superior to religion, but not to New Ager spirituality though
Divorce is the norm
Drugs are a harmless and naughty entertainment (of course all the drug wars and killings in other countries are the work of the "evil" right wing dictators, totally the opposite of the reality of drug wars)
Normal families (dad, mom, sons and daughters) are "evil". Gay marriage, dysfunctional families are "good"
Of course the Inquisition was violent, evil and killed "millions". But Hollywood heroes can kill, maim, dismember, execute and do what ever else the sick minds of their creators will.
The Devil is a debonair, fascinating, full of wisdom character
Left wing dictators are the "people's heroes", any one who is Catholic, Christian, Conservative or leans to the right is always wrong, evil and should be eliminated.
Of course Hollywood "loves" the oppressed but when it comes to represent them in their movies, they are always stereotypical fools, their countries always pictured in the worse possible ways.

Another constant theme is that of "rebellion" against a supposedly conservative establishment. No matter that today the establishment is liberal. The "evil" corporations are worse than Hitler, but yet it is corporations that release all these movies and TV shows.

I guess the movie directors, producers and actors (and TV too) reflect their own wickedness on the portrayal of the Church and Christians in their products. Because of course what is all powerful, persecutes "heretics", casts out errant children, dictates fashion and attitudes, is not the Church, but the Hollywood Empire that dominates all aspects of American culture today.

And personalities like Bill Maher and the like have that arrogance of the victors, always taking time to insult and demean the Church.

Worse is that most Americans derive their awareness and knowledge of the world by what the media tells them.

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