Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The decline on decorum and the "sluttification" of dress

The decline in decorum on the way people dress for church can’t be separated from the overall decline in the general culture.   The 60’s gave birth to the hippie movement, the sexual revolution and the so called “youth rebellion”.  There was a tremendous shift in the way people dressed and acted in public.   Today we are seeing the logical conclusion of the Cultural Revolution, most of all in the glorification of sex and the widespread “pornificacion” of culture, where behavior and dress that was seen as disgraceful in the past is now celebrated.  We saw that in the so called “Slut Walks” http://www.esarcasm.com/21870/slutwalk-2011-organizer-plans-one-million-slut-march/.  

Bratz Dolls

Worse, we have parents encouraging their children to dress in such manners, especially girls and buying them or giving them the money to acquire clothing that would make prostitutes of a bygone era blush.  And every year this poisoning of decorum targets younger children.  Look at the type of dolls little girls play with now such as the “Bratz” dolls and the type of make-up sold to girls as young as five or six years old.   Parents should put boundaries on this behavior, but unfortunately it is parents who are sometimes the worst offenders. 

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