Thursday, August 18, 2011

And now for something truly scary

Catholic Culture : Latest Headlines : Former consultant to US bishops keynotes conference pushing for acceptance of pedophilia
"A former consultant to the US bishops was the keynote speaker at a conference organized by a group that is lobbying for decriminalization of pedophilia."

"Fred Berlin was for years a consultant to the US bishops in their attempts to develop policies for handling complaints of sexual abuse by Catholic priests. Archbishop Rembert Weakland has testified that in 1985, Berlin strongly argued against removing abusive priests from public ministry."

While we are distracted by the efforts to discredit Michael Voris, this is a really scary note, a former consultant to the Catholic Bishops is advocating for a "normalization" of pedophilia of all things.   Noted homosexual and retired bishop Rambert Weakland used the services of this person.   Talk about the Church in the hands of the devil. Read the story here. 

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