Monday, June 1, 2009

Murder never justified

“Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse” Romans 12:14. These are hard words from the Lord. But they are His teaching nonetheless. Even when we feel that a great injustice has been committed, like abortion, we should not seek to take revenge into our hands or the take life in any instance. The means do not justify the ends. Murder is never justified. If you murder in hatred of injustice you become a siccarii; an assassin in the mold of so many others throughout history. Gunning down and abortionist, blowing up a building, smashing an airplane against the Twin Towers; these actions are never justified even if the justification is battling evil.

The murderer of the abortionist doctor recently slain at a protestant temple succumbed to the same evil that the murdered abortionist was practicing. There is no justification on that and this person has done great damage to the pro-life movement. It has opened the doors for a government clampdown of pro-life activists, already in the government sights (according to a declassified government report on rightwing extremism). It will create a wave of sympathy for the dead practitioner and a backlash against the pro-life movement. And even beyond all of that, a Christian must never take the life of another by murder, never.

The slain abortionist had killed over 60,000 babies in late term abortions according to some reports. He was a practitioner of partial birth abortion, a procedure that allows the baby to be partially born (the head), at which time the killing doctor introduces an instrument into the babies base of the skull and sucks the brain out killing the baby. The unspeakable evil of this has no justification either. The ironic part is that the doctor was at protestant Church when he was shot by the killer on Sunday. Christians are called to love others, but the New Testament also prescribes casting out those obdurate in sin from the congregation. How can any church allow such a person in their flock without any disciplinarian action is flabbergasting, but such is the state of Christianity today.

The doctor is right now being judged by God. He will have to respond for his evil actions and surely there will be a crowd of souls clamoring for justice (all those babies). In all honesty I have no sympathy for the slain physician, but that does not justify murder in any instance. The justice of the Lord has fallen, but it was not for the murderer to be the judge and the executioner. We all die, and in the course of our natural life and death we will end in God’s court. The evil done by the abortionist would have been judged sooner or later and the murderer had no right to take the abortionist’s life, even if in this action he saved who know how many more babies lives.

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