Wednesday, September 16, 2009


How shocking! A Catholic bishop that actually upholds Church teaching, see the note from Channel 5 in Cincinnati:

"CINCINNATI -- A volunteer religious teacher has been dismissed in Cincinnati after writing a letter to the editor backing a Roman Catholic nun ordered to stop teaching for supporting women priests.

Dr. Carol Egner said she has been told she can longer teach her Old Testament class to sixth-graders at Our Lady of Lourdes parish.

The archbishop of the Cincinnati Archdiocese recently banned a nun, Sister of Charity Louise Akers, from teaching at parishes and institutions after 40 years because she supports the ordination of women as priests. Akers says she refused to renounce her support of women priests as a matter of conscience.

Egner's pastor said his decision is not part of a crackdown on dissent. Rev. David Sunberg said parish teachers must follow church teachings. "

Well, the gall of the bishop by requiring a member of his teaching stuff to abide by the Church’s magisterium and teaching.

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Evelyn said...

I say good for him and about time. It's like my four gospels teacher at The Lake, he kept teaching his point of view which went complelty against the church teachings and no one is stopping him even though its a Catholic university.